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Improved computer speed

My-Tuner allows you to select which processes and services are unnecessary to the task you are carrying out and compile them into a list which we call a ‘profile’. When this profile is activated all the processes and services within it will be stopped completely at the click of a button. One of the benefits of My-Tuner is reducing your CPU usage and physical memory allowing your system to focus on the task at hand.

Increased power savings

While My-Tuner is working hard increasing your computers speed and performance, it is also improving your computers overall efficiency. When you have a profile open it reduces the computer’s physical memory and CPU usage, thus reducing the amount of energy your computer uses to run. So not only has your computers performance improved dramatically but also its overall power usage. This allows you to effectively reduce your PC carbon footprint.

Connected to a global grid

My-Tuner has also created a ‘global grid’, a network of likeminded people who have also designed profiles and who have decided to share their ideas with other users. You are able to share each other’s profiles through the grid available from your installation. Our team has also created a number of commonly used profiles with carefully selected and tested processes that will allow to use your PC to its full potential.